Big Fish Fossil Hut

The Big Fish Fossil Hut exhibition, located at Peak Hill Caravan Park is truly amazing.  It is a permanent exhibition displaying a wide range of ancient wildlife specimens that have lived across Eastern Australia over the past 700 million years.

The "big fish" is a 4.5 metre long Xiphactinus - the largest fish fossil on display in Australia.

The collection includes trilobites, ammonites, seastars and arinoids through to fish, amphibians and dinosaurs and more !!!

The Big Fish Fossil Hut is open 8:00 am - 9:00pm daily at 2 Ween Street, Peak Hill. 

ADMISSION :Free for guests of Peak Hill Caravan park and $3.00 for other visitors. Children under 5, free.

ENQUIRIES: Phone (02) 6869 1422